Weathergram - Weather And Temperature For Instagram App Reviews

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Great app

Really unique spin on Instagram photos. I love it and so do all my friends!!

Spam app

Horrible app. Dont bother with it.


All I can find are places to buy more crap! All I want is weather. I spent .99 to change the font on my city and temp. Didnt give any info other than that ( Now THATS MY fault). Theres a place in settings where u can get a refund on previous purchase. I WANT A REFUND!!!!!!

Ads Ads Ads Ads

HOLY CRAP!!!!!! I have never encountered an app with this many ads before! WAY too many!

Im stuck in Paris?

Im sure theres a way to change your location, but it is not obvious not intuitive. I cant get it to post any city other than Paris.

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